What’s so Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee, it’s a heck of a game.

Imagine combining the speed of soccer, the team play of football, and the athleticism of every sport in existence. Then you might have a bit of an idea about Ultimate Frisbee. Played by over 100,000 players in 50 different countries, Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. I became one of those players last year when I decided, after years of playing football and lacrosse, that i wanted to join my college’s ultimate frisbee team. I joined because it looked like a fun time and I thought I wouldn’t have to work too hard to play. Boy was I wrong! Ultimate is a demanding sport (you must be able to run, jump, throw, and sometimes dive into the ground) but what you put in, you get back ten fold.

Ultimate was first played in 1968 in Maplewood, NJ, at Columbia High School. This first game, played in the school’s parking lot, was between the school’s student council and the school’s newspaper staff.

The first set of rules were written down in 1970, and the first interscholastic game was played that same year. The first intercollegiate game was played between Yale and Rutgers in 1972, with Rutgers winning 29-27.

Today, we are on the 11th Set of Rules, and there are annual national and international tournaments played all over the world and over every age group.

But, back to the question: What’s so ultimate about Ultimate Frisbee?

Bids for days

Is it the people? (yes) Is it the athleticism? (Double yes) Is it getting to play a sport that emphasizes both this:

and this:

In the end everyone has respect for their opponent and the spirit of the game. (Yeah, we’re hippies)

(most def)

The thing is, there’s not ONE thing that makes Ultimate so ultimate, and there’s no way to understand why we call it Ultimate unless you start playing!



About me


My name is Finbar (I swear it’s a real name). I am a second year player at for The Catholic University of America’s men’s ultimate team: Bad Habit (get it….’cus priests wear habits…..and….well….puns?).In addition to playing ultimate I play the violin (classical and fiddle) and the banjo. Music and Ultimate are my two passions and if not for my need to protect my hands, I might not have ever started playing. I only started playing competitive ultimate last year, but as soon as I started I fell in love with it. I now try to play as often as I can and I also try to get as many new players involved as possible. I’m hoping that this blog will help some people make the leap and join the fastest growing game in the world!

Over the course of my blog I want to talk about everything Ultimate: How to get started, Why you should play, and All the fun things I do with my squad over the course of our season. I love my squad and I make that easily known; because of this, my teammates often wonder what it would be like to be inside of my head for a bit…. well lucky you. You get a full guided tour; so, I’d strap in if I were you!


Cheesin’ at some pickup