“Oh! You wanna’ bet?”

OK, You can throw, you can, catch, you can cut, and you can play defense. Now you can actually PLAY ULTIMATE!!!!

But first, you should have these.

Yes, despite the hippy-counterculture branding, Ultimate does have rules, and although it will be easy to pick up on the rules as you go, there are a few rules you should get to know before you start playing. One of the things that makes Ultimate unique as a sport is that, since the beginning of the sport, the players call their own fouls. So having a solid understanding of the rules is important for both your personal development and the quality of the games you will play in.

Traveling– You can’t run with the disc, and once you complete a catch, you have three steps (give or take) to stop your movement (without altering your momentum).

Contact– Contact is deemed a foul if it is INCIDENTAL. (Note: Incidental does not mean ACCIDENTAL) Incidental contact occurs if your contact affects your opponent’s play on the disc or their continued play. This would include picks and any contact that occurs when attacking the disc in the air.

The person who committed the foul can “contest” most fouls if they don’t think they committed the infraction, and the two players involved (and ONLY the two players) come to an agreement on the call.

One of the most useful rules is the continuation rule. This rule governs what happens once the foul is called. It is not too difficult to understand, but many players often forget about it, resulting in a turnover.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.54.55 PM
Continuation Rules 11th Edition

Knowing the rules gives you power, but with great power comes the responsibility not to be a jerk on the field. No one likes that guy who calls fouls or contests excessively. I know I’ve had to apologize for my teammate’s foul calls before…..


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