Did someone call the SWAT TEAM?!?!

The SWAT Team: Kind of like the A-Team, but for Ultimate Frisbee Defense. These are the guys that will go up and whack the crap out of a floating disc, and then streak down the field to get bookends.

You too can become a part of SWAT team, and it all starts with your positioning….

When your team is defending, they will try to force the other team to throw to only one side (Called the Force Side). Your job as a defender is to take away the force side of the field from your man when he is cutting, and force his throws to that side when he is throwing.

To take away the force side you want to stay on that side of your man, between him and his thrower, wherever he his on the field, so that you can make a play on the disc if it is thrown to him. As a down field defender, the most shameful thing is to be beaten to the force side. To avoid this, you must be aware of your man’s abilities and either play close to him or further off him depending on your matchup.

When your man has the disk, you will become The Mark, and you will try to force him to throw towards the designated force side by stopping him from making an “around” throw to the Break (non-force) side.

marking position (plus a funky hat)
marking position (plus a funky hat)

To mark, you want to get into an athletic position and angle yourself so that you are forcing the thrower to one side, and you want to have your arms extended so you can block any potential throws. (Brodie Smith Vid about Marking)

While marking you are required to count The Stall. Throwers only have Ten seconds to hold the disc when being stalled, and they can only be stalled by a defender within three meters AUDIBLY counting the stall. The mark must start by saying “Stalling one….two….three…ect.” until they reach the “T” in Ten. At that point the thrower has been stalled out, the mark calls out “STALLED” and play stops.


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