Like a knife through butter

Knowing how to throw and catch are the most basic skills you will need to play ultimate. But anyone can toss a disc around with their friends. What makes Ultimate so ultimate is the athleticism and speed that we play with. To keep up with everyone on the field, you’ll need to know how to cut and how to defend.

On offence cutting is the way that you will get separation from your defender to catch the disc. There are three basic rules for cutting: 1) Cut Sharp, 2)Cut Hard, and 3)DON’T CLOG.

Cut Sharp: This means that all your cuts have to be angled, if you round out your cuts your defender won’t fall off and they will be there to D any discs thrown your way. There are two types of cuts you should know: The Zero Cut and The One Cut.

The Zero Cut: You cut directly towards the lane/ thrower without setting up your cut.

The One Cut: You cut one way (out or in) for a few steps, and then cut back in the opposite direction. When making this cut, the change of direction should happen quickly so your defender is caught off guard.

PS:To keep your cuts sharp you will definitely need a pair of Cleats

Cut Hard: ALL YOUR CUTS ARE REAL CUTS!!! Even/Especially when setting up your one cut, treat each cut like it is your first option. If you make the first move and your defender is caught off guard by your first move, don’t change direction and allow them to catch up. Along with this is the idea of running through the disc, which will prevent this from happening:

note the cutter not running through the disc.....
note the cutter not running through the disc…..


Don’t ever, ever, ever clog the lane. Once you make your cut, if you don’t get the disc, clear back to the stack. If you stay in the lane, you are taking away an open space for the next cutter to cut to, making it harder for your handler to get a clean throw off. So always clear. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Now this is only the most basic ideas of cutting, I’ll try to add in more nuances when we start talking about offensive sets.


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