Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a…..


Catching in Ultimate isn’t and harder than it is in any other sport. Especially because an experienced handler can shape their throws well enough to place them anywhere on the field.

As the person catching the disc, it will be your job to “read” the disc (judge the path of the disc) and make the catch.

“Read the disc? But what could be so hard about that?”

Let me tell you a story……

Way back when during my second week of college life, I was tossing with a few of the guys on the Law School lawn. One thing to note about the lawn is that there are two large brick towers on the north side of the lawn. Completely avoidable. At one point during our throwing sesh, one of my friends puts up a curvy, floating throw that I begin to read and track down. I was running pretty quickly to catch up with the disk and I was still looking up to follow the disk as it floated down. Until *WHAM* I ran right into one of the brick towers. Adding insult to injury, as I crumpled in defeat and pain, my teammates yelled across the lawn to me “GET A LIBRARY CARD!”

To avoid the mistakes of my past, you should invest in your library card as soon as possible. And to get your library card, you must be able to read the path of a disc while you try to catch it.

Left Leading edge

A disc will always, always, always follow its leading edge! Meaning that whichever side the disk is pointed towards, that is the same side it will curve towards.

A disc like this will curve towards the left, and a disc with a right leading edge will curve to the right.

Your handlers should be able to place their throws out to space (especially if they’ve read Part I and II) which will make it easier to get a read on the disc.

For more reading check out: http://www.ultimaterob.com/2009/10/21/reading-the-disc/


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