Now that you’ve been introduced to the game that is Ultimate Frisbee, you need to learn how to play. One of the most basic skills you will need to learn is how to throw the disc. Some of you may be familiar with throwing a Frisbee, but throwing in Ultimate takes tossing with your friends and bumps it up a few notches.

The first thing you’ll need is a disc. Yes, this looks like a Frisbee, but it’s not…. Frisbees are the specific brand of disc that Wham-O makes, and we don’t use them to play Ultimate. We generally use Discraft Ultra Star discs as they are the regulation weight and shape for college ultimate.

Now that you have your equipment you can begin to learn to throw. There are  generally two types of throws that we use in a game: The Backhand and The Forehand/Flick.

The Backhand:

To throw the frisbee the first thing you must know is how to properly hold the disc. To hold the frisbee for a backhand throw, you grip the disc with your thumb of your dominant hand on the top and 4 fingers on the bottom. Some people like to point their index finger on the rim of the disc, but this will decrease the amount of spin you will be able to put on the disc.

INCORRECT (pointed finger)
INCORRECT (pointed finger)
Correct Grip
Correct Grip

Next you have to learn the foot work. Unlike other types of throwing (baseball/ Football), when throwing a disk, you Step With THE SAME SIDE FOOT as your throwing arm.

Also, you should step perpendicular to your target, not straight at them, This will help you throw around the mark.

When actually throwing the disc, you want to make sure you’re keeping the disc as flat as possible, and releasing with as much wrist snap as you can.

For more info and tips about the back hand check out Bodie Smith’s Throwing Tutorials 


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