Toss? Part II: The Flick

Now that you have the more basic backhand throw learned, it’s time to move on to the Flick throw. It’s really important that you have both throws in your arsenal, so that in a game you’ll be able to throw to both sides of your body.

Again, when learning the Flick, you’ll want to start with your grip:

  • Make a gun shape with your hand:

    *pew pew*
    *pew pew*
  • You’ll then grip the disk between your thumb and your index finger, resting your middle and index fingers on the inside lip of the disk:
Like So

Then you’ll step out to the same side as your throwing arm, and swing your arm across your body, snapping your wrist when you release the disc.

Unlike the backhand, where most of the power came from rotation of your body, the flick is more reliant on the snap of your wrist.

Check our Brodie’s video for more tips on your flicks!


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