Squad is Life

Why do I play Ultimate?

It’s a good question.

I just got back from a two hour practice (9-11pm), I threw the disk about 100 times, I had to do pushups, and I sprinted up and down the the field so many times I lost count. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Because of my squad.

Frisbee breeds camaraderie that no other sport can match. When you have to sit in a van with 12 sweaty dudes on you way back from a 3 day tournament trip, you bond like you’ve never bonded before.

PJ and Fleet get real comfy at last year’s first tourney

Frisbee players are weird, and our styles match it. We wear cutoffs and crazy patterns. I am particularly fond of 3/4 length compression shorts (especially these one from COOVY) and Elastic Head Bands to keep the flow contained.

We’ve shared beds, gone to Goodwill, and had midnight trips to Sonic. I would have never stuck with Ultimate if I hadn’t been so welcomed by the team. And this sort of camaraderie isn’t exclusive to college teams. I’ve been welcomed similarly on club teams and at pickup games in both D.C. and NY.

And we know how to have a good time off the playing field too. I’ll just say the disk is a very versatile tool….

I guess it’s true that we’re all a bunch of hippies: We just want to meet people and play some quality ultimate!


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